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This is a message to all would-be home-grown, radical religious extremist ‘anything’ terrorists. (Including those of you from out-of-town.) A thought. Perhaps you should rethink the idea first. And so, I offer this letter as, let’s say, a friendly suggestion of sorts.

This is Canada my friends, one of the safest countries on earth with the best Charter of Rights anywhere. Canada is the true land of freedom and choice and the world knows it. This is why people from around the world try to get immigrant status and build a new peaceful life here. Sometimes they float in on a boat. Anyway, this is the country where a person doesn’t actually have to sneak in. All you have to do is show up at the front door, knock and say the magic words – please, I come in, eh? Don’t forget the “eh”.

And as you can see, it worked for you.

However, despite of what you may have read about how nice we are, Canadians have an underlying streak of protectiveness regarding our beloved country and the things in it. No, we don’t wear our flag on our sleeve and chant “God Bless Canada” every few minutes but that doesn’t mean we don’t care about our country.

We Canadians might argue between our English, French and Native selves, but when bad guys show up to mess with our property we have a habit of joining up together to deal with any interloper of puny. Ask the Americans.

There was a reason why during the Second World War, German soldiers were told to surrender to the Americans, the Russians, the British, anybody else - but the Canadians. Apparently we had a low tolerance level when it came to the enemy. We seem to have a bit of a nasty attitude the world doesn’t know about. Remember Somalia?

And so, if you, the Home-Grown terrorist think it will be a grand idea to do something stupid here in Canada, just so you can get your jollies, then you really haven’t thought out the entire process.

Sure we may be the loveable hockey playing, beer drinking, and igloo living bunch you all think we are but blowing up a small part of our country may produce a “re-action” that you won’t be expecting.

In case you haven’t figured it out yet, we’re a little nuts.

I’m certainly not suggesting, nor inciting, or condoning any “re-action” that any of my Canadian brothers and sisters may or may not do, and I would hope that we Canadians would show restraint should anything really “bad” happen here in Canada.

It would be sad to see young Canadians acting out in defence and making a stupid situation even worse. It would be sad to see anyone get hurt over any terrorist attack. Anyone.

Quite frankly, I don’t know what would happen if radical extremist religious terrorists blew up part of the Parliament Buildings.

I don’t have any idea how Canadians would react if a home-grown or foreign terrorist blew up the CN Tower.

I’m not exactly sure how Canadians would act if a terrorist tried to blow up our Prime Minister, no matter who he or she is, or what party they belong to, even the Conservatives.

So here are a couple of questions you terrorist folks haven’t really thought about.

1. What would Canadians do?

2. How will they react?

Personally, I don’t have a clue. And neither do you.

Have a nice day.

Kevin Stevenson, Montreal, Quebec

Image: Khurram Sher, one of the alleged home-grown Canadian terrorists recently arrested on August 27th, 2020, is shown here auditioning for the 2008 edition of popular reality show, Canadian Idol, in Montreal. Image produced from YouTube.

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