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Quebec declares that allowing doctors to assist a patient in dying does not violate the Canadian Criminal Code, which prohibits assisted suicide. The Quebec legislature has the constitutional power to organize the required legal framework for end-of-life care within the health-care system.

Life is a game with winners and losers. Any loser must have the right to get out of the game, to cut his losses short. Any person must have the right to die peacefully, and under circumstances of his own choosing.

The State should not stop his exit to the other side. His body belongs to himself, not to the State. A poll on shows 87% of people are in favor of euthanasia.

Millions of people wish to die, but governments refuse to let them go to the other side. Whose body is it anyhow, yours or your government's? Adding insult to denial, people who want to die are sent to a psychotherapist, instead of a euthanasia center! But many sick people, old people, inmates, and people who cannot support themselves demand euthanasia now. Moreover, their departure could save society trillions of euros in health care, retirement benefits, welfare, and jails. Socrates was given a clear choice, exile or euthanasia; he chose euthanasia. We are all entitled to the choice of euthanasia.

The Quebecois law will only be applicable in cases where the patient is close to death and enduring great pain and suffering. If the patient is receiving palliative care and can in his right mind express a desire to end his life, it is the doctor's duty to carry out that wish.

Medical advances have created longer lives and sometimes, ironically, longer and more torturous deaths. The World Federation of Right to Die Societies is aware of the increasing concern to many individuals over their right to die with dignity. Believing in the rights and freedom of all persons, they affirm this right to die with dignity, meaning in peace and without suffering.

Churches oppose euthanasia, because they want more believers and more income. Moreover, suffering tends to lead people to religion. Governments oppose euthanasia, because they want more subjects, more taxpayers, more slaves, and more victims. Government is the #1 enemy of the people and the source of most misery. Most kleptocrats are harmglads and sadomasochists.

All competent adults - regardless of their nationalities, professions, religious beliefs, and ethical and political views - who are suffering unbearably from incurable illnesses should have the possibility of various choices at the end of their life. Death is unavoidable. We strongly believe that the manner and time of dying should be left to the decision of the individual. The voluntarily expressed will of individuals, once they are fully informed of their diagnosis, prognosis and available means of relief, should be respected by all concerned as an expression of intrinsic human rights.

I declare euthanasia is a rite of life and should be celebrated with a ritual. All countries should legalize the right to euthanasia. Euthanasia is now lawful in Germany, Holland, Belgium, Norway, Sweden, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Albania, Oregon, and Washington.

Every Quebecois should be able to make his own choice according to his values and according to their experience, their life, at the end of their life. It would be at the doctor's discretion as to whether to comply with the request and that the patient would be free to seek other medical advice should the request be refused.

The most popular euthanasia substance on the market is Nembutal, an acronym for Na (sodium) + ethyl + methyl + butyl + al (common suffix for barbiturates). Most people buy pills of Nembutal, the peaceful pills, on internet. However, Dignitas uses an oral dose of an anti-emetic drug, followed approximately 30 minutes later by a lethal overdose of 15 grams of powdered nembutal dissolved in a glass of water or fruit juice.

The nembutal overdose depresses the central nervous system, causing the person to become drowsy and fall asleep within 10 minutes of taking it. Anaesthesia progresses to coma as the person's breathing becomes more shallow. Death is caused by respiratory arrest, which occurs within 30 minutes of ingesting the nembutal.

Levenseindekliniek, the end of life clinic, serves as a point of contact for all Dutch people who want to die. The clinic has mobile euthanasia teams, each consisting of a doctor and a nurse. When an individual qualifies for the program, a team makes a house call to inject two drugs. One puts the patient into a deep sleep, while the other stops all breathing, leading to death.

The new Quebecois specification will allow Quebec to sidestep Ottawa and pass the bill into law. The constitutional basis is clear. We are really in a field of regulating end-of-life care – and adding the possibility for somebody to have access to medical aid in dying.

Many medical advances are merely medicine gone mad, delivered by maddocs, maddog doctors who cannot face failure. Quality of life can disappear under a forest of needles, wires, electronic gadgets and surgical proceedures. There are myriads dying trapped in hospitals waiting for useless tests when they want to be at home. Others in coma following accidents or strokes often linger for months, hovering in that twilight zone between life and death, sustained by massive effort even when there is no hope of meaningful future existence.

The limits of life are constantly expanding, without regard for the well-being or will of the patient. In some emergency rooms, half of all admissions now come from nursing homes. If someone who is chronically ill has a heart attack or gets pneumonia there, the most sensible thing to do is to make sure that they don't suffer, and to refrain from doing anything else. But this is all too rare. Instead, old people, who are dying, are torn out of their familiar surroundings, rushed off to hospital in an ambulance, resuscitated and given artificial respiration.

Many patients want their doctors to help them end their life with dignity, because they can no longer tolerate their suffering. There are situations in which it isn't just ethically justified, but in which doctors have a duty to do this. There are myriad situations in which a doctor is called upon to relieve the suffering of someone who is severely ill, and in a hopeless situation, and to conduct this in the manner in which the patient wants. In this sense, the doctor should see assisted suicide as a kind of palliative measure.

In a spirit of compassion for all, every competent adult has the incontestable right to humankind's ultimate civil and personal liberty, the right to die in a manner and at a time of his own choosing. Whereas modern medicine has brought great benefits to humanity, it cannot entirely solve the pain and distress of the dying process.

Kleptocrats oppose euthanasia, not for religulous reasons, but because they want many slaves around to pay taxes, with most of the loot finding its way to the secret offshore accounts of kleprocrats. Most Europeans want the establishment of euthanasia. Why a poor old guy who suffers from huge pain cannot escape from his misery to the other side?

The cost of State healthcare and insurance could be drastically reduced, if euthanasia were allowed. The summation of infinite costs for myriad diminishing returns add up to astronomical levels. Prolonging painful deaths at huge costs does not make any sense. Those toward the end of their lives are accounting for 90% of the total healthcare bill. If we really are going to change how we spend money on health, it means we must change how we spend money on death. The growing traffic in death tourism is an indictment of a healthcare system that seems to incentivize everything except the peaceful death to which we all aspire. Let the people die in peace, and let society breathe in peace.

Live and Let Die (1973) is the eighth spy film in the James Bond series, and the first to star Roger Moore as the fictional 007 agent James Bond. Euthanasia refers to the practice of ending a life in a painless manner, to live and let die. Euthanasia provides a way to relieve extreme pain, provides a way of relief when a person's quality of life is low, frees up huge medical funds from diminishing returns on health to help other people, and is manifestation of selfownership. In active euthanasia, something is done to end the patient's life; in passive euthanasia, something is not done that would have preserved the patient's life.

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