Tuesday, 09 September 2008 19:00 Tarek Refaat Editorial Dept - Philosophy

On my way to work today, I set off on a journey which is quite distant and very far away from the times we live in today. Away from these times where no one is focused on making money!

Today I set off on a journey with my good friend “History”.

History is a hated subject nowadays and many times have I heard, “This subject is boring!” also “What do I have to do with all this history and why do I have to know it?!” and sometimes, “Why should I care about a bunch of people who fought or died or even built something?!”

Sadly this is how we look at history with a look of refrain - but why?

History is simply our stories as human beings with time and those who don’t appreciate history can’t realize that they will not be able to understand life.

Saturday, 30 August 2008 19:00 Tarek Refaat Editorial Dept - Philosophy

Today I am going to talk about something that we all or perhaps all communities are asking about. I-D-E-N-T-I-T-Y, this 8 letter word is a word that makes the world go around in circles nowadays. But what is identity? is yourself the person you see in the mirror ? is it the food you eat? The clothes you wear? The language you speak? Or what exactly is an identity?

Across time, human beings have been trying to separate themselves community from another and trying to establish different cultures and lives which lead to different historical backgrounds where they try to relate to them and announce that this is their identity , this is who they are.

An example to that, is Egyptians relating themselves to Pharos, Scandinavians to Vikings, British to Saxons and Germany to Germanic tribes… and the list goes on, every nation relates itself to the characteristics of their history and apply them to them. But if we take a much closer look at the history of the human race we will find that they all are the same. They love, hate, eat, drink and feel almost the same about most of the topics even if they differed in the way they implement them.

Wednesday, 02 July 2008 20:00 Tarek Refaat Editorial Dept - Philosophy

“With great power comes great responsibility” quoted from Stan Lee. What is power and what is responsibility?

Is power the physical? Mind ? Psychological? Or just pure energy? The power in itself comes in many forms and shapes and grades that are blended within the human soul with a combination of all the above but in different amounts and quantities.

The Energy is what keeps people going the power of mind is what lets them get over their problems their physical problems may sometimes solve some problems but sometimes may cause harm as well. As well as miss using any of the powers given to man may it be; physical, power of mind, psychological, or even the pure energy. 

Responsibility on the other hand is the magic word which surrounds our universe. Responsibility is the invisible yet felt weight of life. Is a word that is very easy to read, understand and very extremely hard to implement. The secret of toughness of responsibility resides in its constant challenge for the human mind and the human life in his daily day to day actions.

Sunday, 22 June 2008 20:00 Tarek Refaat Editorial Dept - Philosophy

The definition of the word – Organization; and I do not mean by organization as the set of people who work together at a company but I mean by it the fact of having an organized method of life. Organization originates from the verb organizing which means arranging.

We are living in a world and nation that lacks not just the organization of mind, but perfects the art of demolishing any sort of organization. We are unable to work with a process - from my experience in my jobs which part of them was putting workflows and processes people are supposed to follow, but for some reason instead of someone coming up to you to negotiate, suggest or even discuss your process they just go on trying to find ways to overcome it, work around it, destroy it and many other wonderful ideas.

People tell you I want the points from 1 to 10 done by end of today for example , while you’re working your way, someone comes along drop one and move to 5! It’s urgent! Then while you are in 5, the same person comes again! Still at 5!!! Move to 10! No ,no , no move back to 8, finish it make sure its ok and go to 7!

Of course by that time half the day has ended and you’re expected to stay extra hours! It’s YOUR JOB! Its YOUR TASK! By the end of the day you’re called since the person who told you to do these tasks is leaving! Where’s 1 to 10? if you’d come up with 3 you are miraculous in the eyes of a normal person however some people succeed! Very few though! 


Thursday, 19 June 2008 20:00 Tarek Refaat Editorial Dept - Philosophy

Understanding and communication are invaluable words that we today use too much but unfortunately we neglect them completely when it comes to actually implementing what they mean.

Understanding is the action of trying to comprehend someone or something or an action or a fact. To know how it works, what makes it tick and how that it functions. It is trying to actually see what is beyond the obvious. Understanding is a very important factor in any relationship which many fail to see.

To understand why the other party says a certain comment and understand what do they truly mean. For example knowing that when a woman is giving an advice to her husband, he must understand and comprehend that the advice is not to diminish his abilities or skills nor is it to take away his thoughts but to understand that she is offering her experience. And vice versa.

Thursday, 17 April 2008 20:00 Jose Cabrera Editorial Dept - Philosophy



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