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Monday, 02 April 2007 20:00 Leon T Editorial Dept - Science

"I would never join a club that would have me as a member" - Groucho Marx. - The International Nuclear Club has a new member, and as we all know membership has its privileges. The news that North Korea had tested its first nuclear bomb sent more shock waves around the world than the explosion itself.

And naturally, the current club members are pissed off, because North Korea didn't go through the screening process necessary to become a member of the Nuke Club. Neither did India or Pakistan or China, but who's counting.

Ironically, it takes a certain amount of force to become a member of the Nuke Club. All you have to do is test a weapon, either above ground like the United States did in Nevada or underground like North Korea did last week. You also need to strike a tough political pose with your chin in the air and act defiant. You need to play it tough because the Nuke Club is made up of tough guys. Membership is exclusive to those countries willing to bully nonmembers into getting what they want. That's why North Korea wants in. [It’s also known as blackmail.]


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