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Wednesday, 06 October 2010 00:00 Rev. Sam Rodriguez Environment

Liberal Latino pressure groups’ campaign will drive up energy prices, kill jobs and hurt familiesNineteen Latino activist groups recently asked Congress and President Obama to oppose any attempts to delay or scale back proposed Environmental Protection Agency air pollution and climate regulations.

The groups’ letter cites EPA claims that 'rising temperatures caused by human activities' would lead to higher levels of ground-level ozone, the main ingredient in smog. This they assert, again citing EPA claims, would lead to health problems in cities with large Hispanic populations, because low-income and minority communities are often less able to pay costs associated with heat-related health threats.

Therefore, they argue, any legislation that affects the proposed Clean Air Act initiatives “will severely jeopardize” public health and productivity in our communities. These initiatives are needed to ensure 'environmental justice' and avoid 'disproportionate impacts' from climate change in minority communities, by emphasizing renewable energy, better weatherization and 'green jobs.'

Wednesday, 01 September 2010 00:00 Ryan Katz-Rosene Environment

Something is rotten in the province of Alberta! And it's not just the tar sands. It's the way political and corporate elites do whatever it takes to extinguish potential threats to the bituminous megaproject. The attempt to protect the tar sands from criticism can be framed as a part of a broader effort to protect the ‘rights’ of private interests to profit from bitumen production.

There are a number of ways in which this protective maneuvering takes shape. These range from gushing expressions of Western Canadian nationalism which portray the resource as a splendorous treasure, to more sinister efforts aiming at silencing opposition. Acting on behalf of the world's oil giants, the Government of Alberta has bought full page advertisements in U.S. newspapers to convince Americans that synthetic crude is environmentally friendly.

Premier Ed Stelmach himself has ‘written’ opinion pieces defending Alberta's God-given right to extract the bitumen that lies beneath Canada's boreal forests. And let's not forget the assurances Stelmach made to Canada's petroleum producers at an oil and gas symposium in 2007: “The response of some has been to demand that we ‘touch the brake.’ That approach has been rejected by my government. It's my belief that when government attempts to manipulate the free market – bad things happen.”[1]

Sunday, 22 August 2010 00:00 Fiona Kobusingye Environment

I wish I had a shilling for every time someone told me spraying homes with DDT to prevent malaria is like using Africans in evil experiments. I would be a rich woman.

That claim is a blatant falsehood. Even worse, it hides the many ways poor Africans really are being used in environmental experiments that cause increased poverty, disease and death.

If any people were ever used in DDT experiments, it was Americans and Europeans. During World War II, this insecticide and mosquito repellant was sprayed on tents and around camps to keep American and British soldiers from getting malaria. After the war, millions of concentration camp survivors, and millions of German and Italian citizens were sprayed with DDT (right on their bodies) to prevent typhus.

Then in the 1950s and 1960s, America and Europe sprayed huge amounts of DDT all over, as a critical part of their campaign to eradicate malaria. Yes, they still had malaria in those countries! But not anymore.

Tuesday, 29 June 2010 00:00 Freedom Socialist Party Environment

"It's like a nightmare you can't wake up from." This is how Danielle Brutsche described the plight of Gulf of Mexico residents at a May 30 rally in New Orleans demanding that the government take control of managing BP's disaster.

The horror grows day by day as the cover-up by BP and its government co-conspirators is peeled away. It started with the deaths of the 11 workers who were victims of the April 20 explosion and now threatens whole cultures, both ecological and human - the unique ways of life of fishers, shrimpers, and the Gulf's other inhabitants.

There are actions that can and must be taken to help those cultures survive. But can the area and its people truly be "made whole"? And when and where will the next profit-driven catastrophe strike? And how could anyone reasonably expect that the government, whether run by Democrats or Republicans, will someday stop being at the beck and call of the corporations?

Friday, 09 April 2010 00:00 Alan Caruba Environment

Lisa Jackson, Obama’s EPA director, has just announced the agency’s new auto regulations of gas mileage based on global warming. In addition, the agency asserts the right to regulate carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions under the Clean Air Act.

There is absolutely no scientific justification for this and, indeed, many observers believe the EPA lacks the legal authority regarding its stance on CO2.

There is NO need to limit greenhouse gas emissions because there is NO “global warming.”

Greenhouse gases are purported to be the primary cause of this fraud. The EPA, like a dozen other U.S. agencies, has been pushing the global warming fraud for decades. One more lie, even a whopper about CO2, is of little concern to the EPA at this point.


Tuesday, 15 December 2009 18:00 Committee for a Constructive Tomorrow Environment

Activists tag Rainbow Warrior with “Propaganda Warrior” banner. Arctic Sunrise hit with “Ship of Lies” banner earlier in the day in Copenhagen, Denmark.  Global warming skeptics from CFACT yesterday pulled off an international climate caper, navigating with Greenpeace's own on-board camera photos to locate and sail up alongside the infamous Greenpeace vessel, Rainbow Warrior.

Then, in Greenpeace-like fashion, the CFACT activists unfurled a "Propaganda Warrior" banner from the rails, to underscore how the radical green group’s lies, exaggerations and policies perpetuate poverty, disease and premature death in Third World countries.

Earlier in the day, the activists had daringly boarded Greenpeace's Arctic Sunrise. They used neither stealth nor force, but simply baffled the crew with doughnuts on the port side, while unfurling a banner that read “Ship of Lies” off the starboard beam.



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