Wednesday, 14 November 2007 19:00 Chris Hattingh Editorial Dept - Africa

The DA in the NW is concerned about the impact of the latest shenanigans in the North West ANC - this time putting pressure on Premier Edna Molewa to resign - exacerbating the problems facing the already destabilized North West Government.

In a series of events, originating at the previous North West ANCs Provincial Congress, a faction within the NW ANC referring to them as the Taliban, removed people out of positions and deployed their own loyalists in line with a strategic document "The Eradication of the Popo Molefe Legacy".

During the past months it became evident that Premier Molewa has become a hostage in her own cabinet - this was particularly clear when the MEC for Finance Maureen Modiselle stated at a Portfolio Committee at Parliament that the North West "does not have a Dept of Agriculture" highlighting the serious and extended problems within that Department.

The repudiation of the MEC by the Premier sparked off a vicious series of events with the North West - former MEC Mandlenkosi Mayisela being one of the main casualties in this faction fighting having his ANC membership terminated after Premier Molewa allegedly refused to replace him with a member proposed by the Taliban.


The meticulous execution of the strategic plan of the ANC Taliban also saw the replacement of the Legislature's Deputy Speaker, The Chairperson of Committees, the Chief Whip, the Chairperson of the NW SCOPA and the redeployment of Nono Maloyi (Travelgate refugee) from Parliament directly into a promotion position (Chief Whip).

The DA was told that the ANC's Provincial Working Committee was only prevented from continuing with a motion of no-confidence in the Premier by the intervention of the Speaker.

The Premier's decision to appoint Jan Serfontein MPL as the new MEC for Agriculture, instead of the Taliban favoured Sam Mokaila, apparently caused a furore amongst certain ANC PEC apparently claiming that "the appointment of Serfontein in a Province that is 96% black was inappropriate". This viewpoint, which also became apparent at local government, is not only racist but also indicative of the ANC Taliban mindset which at present is destabilising the North West Province.

It has become clear that the ANC North West cannot be entrusted with sound governance anymore, has betrayed and mislead its voters and because of its impact on sound governance the DA calls on the ANC at national level to intervene.

Chris Hattingh

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