Sunday, 07 May 2006 20:00 Deborah Bourque Editorial Dept - Americas

Raise your hand if anyone understands Canada Post's recent decisions about rural mail delivery.

Rural residents from Fredericton, New Brunswick (NB) to Newmarket, Ontario (ON) have had their mail delivery moved from nearby mailboxes to community boxes or post offices miles away. These folks are not happy. Most of them have had home delivery for decades. Some cannot easily make the trip to the new location.

Equally worrisome are how rural residents will face similar challenges in the coming winter months unless Canada Post and the federal Conservatives do what it takes to solve the rural delivery dilemma.

Here's the problem. Some rural mail carriers have recently used their right to refuse unsafe work under the provisions of the Canada Labour Code. Their health and safety concerns include increasingly dangerous roads and repetitive stress injuries caused by reaching out passenger windows to put mail in rural mailboxes.


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