Friday, 13 February 2009 18:00 Jennett Meriden Russell Editorial Dept - Europe


Thursday, 24 April 2008 19:00 Dmitry Bykov Editorial Dept - Europe

Regime is Weak and Cruel...

Question: Why would President Putin invite you?

Grigori Yavlinsky: Can't say. I'm not an expert in interpretation of invitations, you know. He invited me eight years ago at the onset of his first term of office. He invited me again now, when he is about to step down. He must have decided we had to talk.

Question: Were any offers made?

Grigori Yavlinsky: Vladimir Putin knows me as an independent politician and knows that this is what I will remain. Nothing else matters.

Question: What if you are offered a seat on Putin's Cabinet?


Wednesday, 23 January 2008 19:00 Ralph Cassar Editorial Dept - Europe

Speaking at a Press Conference in Munxar Gozo, Alternattiva Demokratika Chairperson Dr Harry Vassallo said that. ”From the most minor and local issues to the most serious questions of democracy, and the quality of governance, the pattern is the same: promises are made but not taken seriously by anybody” Dr Vassallo said.

“The playingfield at Munxar has become a national symbol of political cynicism and its result” Dr Vassallo added. “What was promised for thirty years has not yet been delivered and what eventually will be delivered is not what was promised. Meanwhile the extravagant expenditure on what is not needed leaves voters feeling exasperated but helpless” Dr Vassallo said.

“The profound change which we all seek cannot be brought about by any political party which prevents a discussion of practical and important issues in a campaign of fear. Neither of the other parties can bring about the change we need because both of them want to maintain the present system which leaves voters feeling helpless, without remedies against those who win an election” Dr Vassallo said.

“Munxar local council appears to be able to disregard not only its promises but also the development permits it has itself applied for and obtained. Yet another generation of Munxar children have outgrown the long promised playground. On a very small scale the government of Munxar follows on the pattern of every one-party government in being unaccountable.” Dr Vassallo said.


Sunday, 08 April 2007 20:00 Marina Barbalata and Bartek Lech Editorial Dept - Europe

Today 57 years ago the first move was made towards the building of a united Europe. On May 9th 1950, Robert Schuman set the first stone for the foundation of what we know nowadays as the European Union. The EU has followed a huge process of transformation since. However, with the current development of European affairs it is difficult to assess whether one should celebrate or mourn on the Day of Europe.

Marina Barbalata, Spokesperson of FYEG comments: "In a world that is becoming more globalized every day, problems require global solutions. The European countries need a united voice if they are to efficiently tackle issues such as poverty relief, human rights violations, climate change, pollution and migration to mention only a few.

The Young Greens acknowledge the contributions that the European institutions have made in terms of creating peace and stability and in promoting a more united Europe. However, this is not enough. "We are now more concerned than ever about the basis on which the European Union is built. We do not want a Europe oriented towards a larger market and consumerism, but a Europe concentrated on finding sustainable solutions for its future development.”

Bartek Lech, Co-Spokesperson of FYEG adds: "I have doubts whether I should celebrate the Day of Europe or not. On the one hand, a lot has been achieved. However, we need to be more ambitious: poverty, discrimination, further enlargement and youth policies are just few examples of the issues that the EU is not covering in an effective way."


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