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The Top Ten GFP Organization FAQs

The Global Free Press does not borrow, steal or copy any articles from any sources online or elsewhere.

All written material on the GFP website are voluntarily sent in by the Authors, Columnists, Contributors, Cartoonists and Organizations. Other material is sent via news-releases or new services.

1. What is the Global Free Press?

The Global Free Press is for everyone - no matter where they are from - no matter what colour they may be - no matter what age or gender - no matter which political group they belong to - no matter which deity they worship or the one they don't.

It is an advertisement-free, independent, unbiased, and non-partisan international online editorial magazine, providing a variety of editorial material from people around the world; as well as available daily Human Rights Watch, Reporters Without Borders, and WorldPress News.

The GFP is a Global Public Website.

2. What is the GFP's objective?

It is the world's website for collective global personal expression by providing people around the world with a credible news medium to display their written material through editorials, open letters, articles etc., without fear of retribution or retaliation. To bring people around the world the thoughts of others.

3. Does the GFP lean toward any particular political or religious ideology?

No. The GFP is neutral territory and does not lean in favour of any political or religious ideology.

The GFP provides the public with articles and editorials from a variety of political clubs, factions, associations, organizations and political parties from around the world.

4. Who can contribute to the GFP?

This publication is open for everyone to participate with, from seasoned pros to amateurs, from the young to the elderly, whatever their lifestyle, religious or ethnic background is. We open the door to those with something constructive to say, to those who would like to express themselves in a publication for the first or hundredth time.To become a Contributor, please see the Contributor's Info page. (Additional info, please see Contributor's Guidelines in the GFP Standards and Policies page)

5. Does the GFP publish everything it receives?

No. Not all contributions are geared for the publication, by either being off-topic or by being inappropriate material.

6. Is the GFP a Company?

The GFP is a Project that's produced by Hill Communications Canada. However, as stated in the Publishing Standards and Policies, the GFP has been donated to the Public by HillCom. It has been, and it will continue to be, based upon the structure of other not-for-profit organizations. It is a private not-for-profit organization and is maintained by volunteers.

7. Who financially supports the GFP?

The GFP is supported through sponsors and private non-tax-deductible donations. The profits of sales of GFP Gear from the future GFP Store will also be donated.

8. Does the Publisher have updates about the GFP for the public?

Updates, changes and news are posted under the GFP News & Updates page. 

9. Are there any ads allowed on the website?

No. It is advertisement free from all sectors; corporate, non-profit groups, and the government. (Please see Publishing Standards and Policies - Advertising Policies)

10. Does the GFP have publishing standards?

Yes. The GFP is accountable to the contributors, subscribers and the public; and the Publisher has written a set of Publishing Standards and Policies based on over twenty years experience in the media industry to establish the Global Free Press as a credible media system. 

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