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Monday, 10 October 2011 03:12 Newsflashes - GFP News
The Global Free Press is an online public media system complete with Standards and Policies to insure its legitimacy and credibility in an increasingly illegitimate media world!

From its beginning as the Free Press Journal in 2006, to the National Free Press - World Edition in 2007 and now the Global Free Press in 2011, we’ve reached a new step in providing the public with a credible medium to submit their material.

Extend your written and artistic work here and join in with our other accomplished writers, authors and artists such as Jack Random, Alan Caruba, Paul Driessen, Robert Felix, Helen Wheeler, Paris Kaye, Michael Pohrer, Jose Cabrera and many more.

We are open for everyone to participate with and encourage those with something to say to become a GFP Contributor and express yourself in a different forum!

All new content is coming along soon as we continue to catch up and we’d like thank everyone for all the new material!

Coming Soon: The GFP Store!

Great looking GFP merchandise to make you and the ones you care about look terribly cool while you let everyone know where you stand on the Free Expression issue!

PressRoom members get 20% off all GFP merchandise!

Stay tuned for the Grand Opening and our belated 5th Anniversary Celebrations!

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