GFP Cartoonist Michael Pohrer Chosen Again for the “Best Editorial Cartoons of the Year” Publication!

Monday, 30 January 2012 15:37 Newsflashes - GFP News
From the U.S. and Canada, editorial cartoonists deliver the daily funnies to readers representing comic journalism at its best. The published works that are chosen for outstanding elements showcasing a variety of viewpoints, the cartoonists satirize headline-making news that defines and shapes the world are then assembled into a yearly publication. Visit Pelican Publishing for more information.

Michael brings a special brand of political cartooning into the social commentary arena. Combining wit and insight, MJ portrays the current headline-making events and controversial issues through each year with a visual feast of the foibles and failings of all politicians - none are spared, no matter their party affiliation.

From the trials and tribulations of the Obama administration to current trends these award-winning cartoons whether you agree or not, his pontificating cartoons are bound to stir your own emotions and opinions.

Creator of the internationally syndicated comic strips FIDDLESTIX©, and Welcome To The Jungle©, MJ is currently a member of CAPS, Comic Art Professional Society, and I.C.C., International Cartoonist Conspiracy.

We congratulate MJ on providing the world with an astounding collection of Editorial Cartoons and this honour of having been chosen for Best Editorial Cartoons of the Year during 2011.

You can see more of his cartoons at his cartoon blog TOONED IN©

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