Friday, 10 September 2010 00:00 Democratic Party of Iranian Kurdistan Editorial Dept - Free Speech

According to reliable sources, Aziz Naseri, the well-known Kurdestani poet, writer and translator from the city of Merivan has been arrested.

Aziz Naseri was arrested at the department of Education on Tuesday, September 7, 2010 by the security forces of the Islamic regime and was transferred to an unknown location.

Renasance News reported that the reasons for his arrest are not clear yet, however, social activists are stressing that his imprisonment is just the continuation of the recent arrests of many literary and cultural activists in Kurdestan. It is worth noting that in the last one month, Mokhtar Hooshmand, Behzad Kurdestani, social and literary activists of Kurdestan have been detained by the security forces of the regime.

Aziz Naseri has completed several literary works of which one can refer to his translation of the great Kurdish poet Hemin and Darbande Parvaneh (Sherko bekas) to Farsi.

Image Contributed by Democratic Party of Iranian Kurdistan - Aziz Naseri (photo: Facebook)

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